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Endless Time


It is said that only humans acknowledge the concept of time or the passage of


it. Animals do not place much focus upon it, although they are aware the


difference between day and night.


It is also said that the dead don’t notice time as it is recognized on earth,


minutes turning to an hour, and hours segmenting day and night, twenty-four


hours total, and a day multiplying into a week, a week into a month, a month


into a year, years into decades, decades into a century, and onward, ad




This means nothing to the dead, for they are not bound physically to earth’s


limitations. The dead, in spirit form, glide across a field past placid cows


toward sentinel  buildings rising against the blue, cloud-filled sky. They are not


visible to living man, but the man might hold no interest to them, either.


Insignificant man…lost in some alternate time. Endless time ad continuum.

And like the rainbow, circular rays of bent light, endless into infinity.